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Diagnostic Experts - commercial grade diagnostics

We offer diagnostic packages for all makes of truck. Get dealership level functions, allowing you to service any fleet of truck. Warranty as standard.



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At DIAG-X we specialise in dealer level commercial diagnostics.
Covering all makes of truck, our diagnostic machines allow full dealership level communication, fault code reading and programming. Alongside our diagnostic equipment range, at DIAG-X we offer emulation modules which prevent the consumption of UREA solution and exhaust power reduction: MinusBlue emulators.


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Looking for a way to remove Urea solution? Look no further! We make and supply units which eliminate the need. MinusBlue is quick & easy to fit.


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DIAG-X truck diagnostic packages

Technical support is offered with all of our equipment. DIAG-X warranty includes discussing any diagnostic problem you may have.

DIAG-X Diagnostic's Offer:
- Diagnostic Programming
- Diagnostic Fault Codes
- Multi-Make Diagnostics
- Key Adaptation
- ECU Adaptation
- VIN Number Change
+ DEF removal emulators
+ Exhaust sensor removal emulators

Please be aware of your local laws and directives when purchasing MinusBlue related products. The removal of UREA solution may not be permitted. 

We can offer diagnostic fault code removal tools for commercial vehicles.
Clears all fault codes, just the same as dealer tool. All in under 5 seconds!