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We offer honest and reliable auto solutions but sometime the jargon can get a little overwhelming. We have combined a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you on our services.


Whether it’s our AdBlue removal products or Commercial Diagnostic Jargon, take a look and clear up any issues.


Asked Questions include:

  • What is AdBlue removal?
  • Which Diagnostic Package is needed?
  • Is AdBlue removal legal?

We offer diagnostic packages for all makes of truck. Get dealership level functions, allowing you to service any fleet of truck. Warranty as standard.

We specialise in dealer level commercial diagnostics.
Covering all makes of truck, our diagnostic machines allow full dealership level communication, fault code reading and programming. Alongside our diagnostic equipment range, we offer emulation modules which prevent the consumption of AdBlue and NOx. This makes AdBlue removal possible.

Looking for a way to remove AdBlue? Look no further! We make and supply units which eliminate the need for AdBlue and NOx consumption.


help service

Technical support is offered with all of our equipment. We are always here to talk and discuss any diagnostic problem you may be experiencing.

We can offer on-site key cutting and programming for all makes of Truck.
Car, Van & Commercial are covered.
Erasing of lost keys is also possible.

diag  Diagnostics


Diagnostic Experts - commercial grade diagnostics



Our Diagnostic Packages:

- Scania Diagnostics (SDP3)
- DAF Diagnostics (Davie XDcII)
- Volvo Tech Tool + Developer
- Volvo Tech Tool 2
- Renault Diagnostics
- Mercedes STAR Diagnostics
- Iveco EASY Eltrac Diagnostics
- MAN CATs Diagnostics



Our Diagnostic's Offer:
- Diagnostic Programming
- Diagnostic Fault Codes
- Multi-Make Diagnostics
- Key Adaptation
- ECU Adaptation
- VIN Number Change
+ AdBlue removal emulators
+ NOx removal emulators