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Can this stop me using Adblue?

When the emulator box is fitted you will no longer get any errors related to the Adblue which will no longer require Adblue useage.

With over 25 years in the commercial trade, DIAG-X has evolved to what it is today. We aim to offer advice and solutions for any situation.

Full dealership level diagnostic tools are available. These tools will calibrate and allow full diagnosis of vehicles with full programming privileges. Allowing full fault code analysis.


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Adblue Removal Emulator

We specialise and manufacture adblue removal devices for trucks worldwide, our emulator boxes will disable your adblue system and NOx system. 
Your vehicle will be fault free and fixed in under 30 minutes.

The Adblue will be disabled by fitting one of our emulator boxes to your truck, allowing the truck dashboard to fully function as if adblue was present.
No more limp modeandno adblue or NOx emission errors.

Our AdBlue emulation module can be moved and fitted to a new vehicle.
We cover all makes and models of truck, allowing ease of use in your fleet.

By fitting the emulator you are convincing your truck that it is a EURO 3 system instead of EURO 4/5. Which means you are never having to disturb the adblue pump or remove parts from the vehicle.

Can this work on my truck?

We have designed the adblue module and its software so that it can be used on multiple truck makes and models. Quick and simply.

We have developed lots of software packages to keep you up to date with the latest vehicles.Our software packages range from diagnostics to vehicle parts databases.