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Commercial fault removal

Diagnostic Fault Code Removal Tool

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Diagnostic Experts - commercial grade diagnostics

✔ Plug in + Wait 5 seconds = Faults Gone ✔

This tool will remove:

Tachograph fault lights, ECU fault lights,Gearbox error codes.

Clears ALL saved fault codes in under 5 seconds.

✔ Volvo + Renault Euro 3, 4, 5 done

✔ Volvo + Renault Euro 6 done

✔ Scania Euro 3, 4, 5, 6 done

The module works very similar to the Dealer Diagnostic program you would find at the dealership. Once connected, this module will find all saved fault codes in commercial trucks, then performing a complete erase of those DTC fault codes.

We also sell dealer level diagnostic equipment. Always looking for more dealers, enquire today.

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